3024AD: The Fireside/Chuck Wendig Character Name Giveaway


UPDATE: You can buy it now:

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So remember a while back, Fireside Magazine had a Kickstarter to fund a year of it’s awesome multi-genre fiction magazine? And that if it got funded, Chuck Wendig would write an epic twelve-part serial? And that one of the Kickstarter rewards was having a character named after you?

Well, all that is happening. Which is awesome, because Fireside does a lot of great things for the industry– pays authors really well, which I endorse for obvious reasons, and plays host to all manner of awesome stories, including twelve from Chuck.

But there is yet another reason this is awesome- because, from April 23-30, you, my dear reader, will have the opportunity to have a charater named for you in that twelve-part serial- and it won’t cost you $125. Chuck and the Fireside crew have very graciously allowed…

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