A Clockwork Orange – Viddy This

a near novel idea

A clockwork orange strives to address the question ‘is it morally right to deprive a man of his capacity for evil?’ However, what is striking from the first page of this widely recognised dystopian novel is the language. The author Anthony Burgess is a linguist and this is certainly reflected through his creation of a mixed slang argot the adolescent narrator and co. use, much to the bemusement of the adult world. However, the obscene slang used by their youthful citizens is the least of their worries. This is a society where shamelessly violent and unlawful gangs rule the night. It turns out the only way to even vaguely thwart these youths is to have a lot of cats, as discovered by one women as Alex the narrator and his gang break into her home and trip over a lot of milk dishes.

The initial pages of the novel are…

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