A Confused Positive and Negative Post

My Mental Stream

This was initially going to be entitled “Things I am proud I have achieved” but I spent a good 20 minutes racking my brain trying to think of things and I came up with a few things.

*I have graduated from university.
*I have not caused myself major physical harm accidentally or otherwise.
*I have not let my brother try hard drugs.

That was it. That was all I can think of, and only two are personal achievements really. I thought about the other list that would be the flipside and that is a great deal longer, but I am not going to write that one, because that is counterproductive.

Just thought of another.

*I have held £1000 in my hand and known that I have earned every penny.

That was a good day. It even had that “£1000” band on it. That is a lot of money to a…

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