A journey


I have decided. I need to write. I will write. This first post is a declaration of my commitment toward writing regular blog posts. You would have guessed that I blog with much inconsistency. Well, if you read this a little deeper, you will probably see shadows of the commitment phob and hints of ill-discipline. Well, I am working on it, inner self-critic.

Preliminary thoughts of what I could possibly blog about went to my pet bunny. Fierce animal lover, yes. But I guess I ain’t passionate enough about the topic to pen some truly informative stuff.

So I think I’ve got my bearings. This will be about *deng deng dengggg* my life journey thus far. My life is every single bit as interesting and uninteresting as yours. So, what then do I bring to the party?

This, I will slowly reveal over the next couple of posts.

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