A Quick Review of The Outsider Test for Faith by John Loftus


A couple of weeks ago I received an unsolicited review copy from Prometheus Press of the most recent book from blogger John Loftus, The Outside Test for Faith: How to Know Which Religion is True. I’ve reviewed a few other books of which Loftus is the author or editor and while I (obviously) disagree with him when it comes atheism, I will readily admit that I have found his books to be more interesting and useful than some of the more popular ones (e.g. God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens). He at least seems well-versed in evangelicalism (which shows through in the people he interacts with in this book e.g. Alvin Plantinga, Thomas Talbott, William Lane Craig, David Marshall, and Norman Geisler), though doesn’t seem as well acquainted with the broader Christian tradition (e.g. his discussion on universalism in pp. 48-49 leaves something to be desired).

The book…

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