Antonia Michaelis’ The Storyteller


My disappointment with Antonia Michaelis’ The Storyteller are not the characters, or the story line. Not even the relationship between the two main characters. What disappointed me was how it dragged on.

It is an interesting concept: disguising your life as a fairytale while waiting to see if someone would figure it out. The Storyteller is indeed about the storyteller, Abel Tannatek—a boy who had a past, a present, but no future.

Now, I understand that what the character went through is supposed to be tragic, traumatizing, and yet coming out of it with a strong will of protecting his sister from the dangers of the world should be admired. It just that by the time I found out the truth about Abel, I was exhausted. I know I should’ve cared and empathized more but I couldn’t.

I don’t regret reading this. I just didn’t think it was necessary for…

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