Atheist Book Review: “Atheist Manifesto”

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The book “Atheist Manifesto” by Michel Onfray is a marvelous read. It was actually the first atheism book I ever read. And I must say, I learned so much from this book alone. Onfray dissects the three monotheism’s of the world (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam). He goes in to great detail about every one of the topics he mentions. Some of these topics include the construction of Jesus, the Pauline contamination, and the totalitarian Christian state.


Onfray make a great “Case against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam” as the books subtitle says. I highly reccomend to any atheist or agnostic who wished to broaden his knowledge about the three world monotheisms.

“Atheist Manifesto” is available on and Barnes & Noble (Store and online) 

Onfray was born in 1959. The prolific author of over 30 books, he teaches philosophy at the Free University of Caen and lives in Paris, France.   

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