#AtoZChallenge2013. M is for The Ministry of Nonsense. By Prof. Carrot-phwack Singleton. (c) 2013

Madstoffa's crunchy house!

Welcome to the Ministry of nonsense
Or Ministry for short.
Watch your steps in here, please.
They might end up being caught.

Their pitter-patter sounds attract
The unlikeliest of ears
From ostentatious oligarchs to
Moon affected Weres

So, you’re best putting these nun Shoes on, you’ll sneak about at ease.
All doors around here are open
Go wherever it is you please.

If you need a trusty guide,
I’ll be happy to escort.
We’ll start at door no1:
The room of pure thought.

Allow me to open it slowly, for
You’ll shock your ears and eyes
At the words and coloured images
That flitter-flutter out like flies.

It’s in this very room that
Albert Einstein used to come.
He’d sit in here for hours
To whistle and to hum.

He caught most if his ideas
Using a whistle and a net.
Squaring different letters
To see what he would get.

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