Ava Delaney series!


Finished Taste, book 5 of the Ava Delaney series. Since  book 6, Traitor,  isn’t due until June I thought why not review the entire series!


This book is free on Kindle and Barnes and nobles ebooks.

This book really took by surprise, seriously! The basic summary, main character, female heroine Ava Delaney has lived a hard, complicated life. She isnt’ completely human, in fact she tries to live a normal, away from anyone, as possible. Her only family member that she knows of that raised her thought of her as the “something evil” and tries to “cleanse her.” Ava lives invisible as possible, so she or others don’t get hurt, until she comes across something she thought didnt’ exist, beside herself. Accidently interrupting a vampire feeding on a human Ava decides to help the human named Carl. However, not knowing who or what she is and doesn’t…

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