Backlogging: What is it?

My Blog Endeavour

What is Backlogging, you say?

According to Daniel Piechnick, from the Website Setup Guide, it’s just a series of back-up posts. If you’ve chosen your topic well, in that you are passionate about it, then you’ll have lots to say about it. If you’ve had a look at some key blogs that already deal with this topic, than by now you probably have some idea of how to talk about it.

Now all you have to do is write.

For those of you who are analytically minded, you’re probably thinking about angles. How do I come at this popular topic from a fresh angle? How do I do it differently? How do I give it a new spin? Your theory is that uniqueness will guarantee popularity, because it’s new and fresh. Well, true. There have been cases where popular culture has been transformed simply by presenting an old idea…

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