BattleTech: A Strategic and Tactical Primer (Pt 7)

One World at a Time...


Continuing my sharing of the Strategy and Tactics Guide from the defunct Clan Box Set. This is from a first draft written in 2008. All errors are my own, including bad writing. 😛


‘Mechs in a scouting role are by nature extremely fast, using speed to achieve their objectives and to avoid the enemy. Use them when you need to reach an objective quickly (such as “capture the flag” games) or when you expect the opposition to also field fast ‘Mechs.

Most scout ‘Mechs are protected by light armor – but this doesn’t make them defenseless.  Keeping these ‘Mechs moving close to top speed makes them much harder to hit as it forces opponents to overcome an impressive target movement modifier. Scouts with jump jets should do so as often as possible and head for the heaviest woods available to use as cover.

Many scouts are equipped…

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