Betrayed Chapter 32: Ensuring Defeat

Blogging House of Night

It’s the last chapter of Betrayed and there are still tons of loose ends that need to be tied up. Let’s see if they’re answered. Spoilers! They aren’t.

“You’re sure this is how it has to be?” Detective Marx asked for what seemed like the zillionth time.

What? What is “this?” How does it  to? What’s going on? Zoey says yes, and that she’s told him everything that she can. Still, I have no idea what Marx was talking about. Zoey has told him that a homeless dude was responsible for attacking Heath and the other boys. A serial killer homeless person? I feel like the police would want to look into this a bit more. But apparently they aren’t going to because a teenage girl told them not to worry. Detective Marx isn’t quite convinced by Zoey’s story, but he accepts it anyway.

“Feels wrong to me.”

“Are you…

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