“Bluebonnet Bride” by Caroline Clemmons

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“Bluebonnet Bride” by Caroline Clemmons was a very entertaining novel.  The story opens with Rosalyn watching men build the gallows that will be used for her hanging the next day.  She has been convicted of killing her abusive husband.  Her only thought is for her daughter Lucy and what will happen to her.  As she watches out the barred window, the weather turns deadly with a tornado hitting the town and jail and killing the sheriff.  Rosalyn takes the advantage and flees to pick up her daughter.  Her old nanny and her husband are waiting with Lucy, a wagon and their belongings.  They fled to the west in hopes of eluding the corrupt law enforcement in the town.

Rosalyn finds a little town where she started her life anew.  She starts a dressmaking business and makes friends with the people in the town.  The sheriff of the town is taken…

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