Book: Carol Vorderman’s Eat To Beat Cellulite Recipes

Bury The Cellulite

The 30-Day Cellulite Plan was conceived to offer everything you needed to do – eating, exercise or the use of treatments – to produce a firmer, better-looking and optimally, cellulite-free body.’

From the readers’ feedback, you can’t get enough information about the best foods to eat and ideas for meals.

Cellulite Recipes has more information about the Top 10 Superfoods you should be eating – from Broccoli and beans to walnuts and mangoes – plus all the nutritional expertise you need to change your diet for the better. Best of all is whole host of recipes for every meal of the day – breakfasts, lunches, dinners, puddings or a filling snack. Who wouldn’t be tempted by Pan-fried Salmon on Cannellini Beans and Soba Noodles, or a delicious Char-grilled Vegetables Salad with Rocket and Pine Nuts?

‘Eating correctly is one of the most important things you can do to beat cellulite…

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