Book Review: Crochet Step By Step

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In today’s post I will be reviewing; Crochet Step by step by Sally Harding

  • Title: Crochet Step by Step
  • Author: Sally Harding
  • Publisher: DK Dorling Kindersley
  • ISBN: 978_1_-4093_6418-4

My Reason for Buying

Dorling Kindersley is one of my favorite publishers, I have two excellent reference books by them called ‘The Knitting Book’ and another one called ‘The Sewing Book’. I’m quite bad at learning things in order 😉 I tend to find a pattern I like, then go to look up how to do the required techniques for it,both these books have been great for that.

Earlier in the year, I decided that I’d like to give crochet a try, and bought a couple of magazines to help me learn. Now where magazines are great for motivating you; creating a square each week in a new stitch etc, it takes a long time and costs a fortune to…

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