Book Review ~~ Finding Your Inner Fish ~~


Today I read Finding Your Inner Fish, the first chapter in “Your Inner Fish”, by Neil Shubin, an interesting book about evolution. This chapter mostly focuses on the fossil Tiktaalik and the factors that led Shubin and his team to discover it, the intermediary between animals living on land and fish. Since the earliest land-living animals fossils can be found in rocks 165 million years old, but rocks 185 million years old contain no amphibians, only fish, the intermediary must be in rocks formed between those two times, or Devonian rocks. Igneous rocks, formed from magma or lava, have gone through intense heat, so any fossils inside would have been destroyed; similarly, metamorphic rocks have undergone intense heat or intense pressure, which would also destroy fossils. Shubin chose to concentrate on sedimentary rocks, which are formed by water, so he looked for exposed areas where there were previously streams or…

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