Book Review: Millionaire Fastlane


Overall The Millionaire Fastlane book was a good read and a fairly easy one at it. I finished the book in about 2 weeks or less. To me a decent amount of time, lol! Straight to the point and provided solid information that is practical and beneficial to anyone seeking ‘financial freedom’. I use financial freedom quiet loosely as sometimes we often get this misunderstood what freedom means and in that what financial freedom means.

Some Key-points

  1. Wealth is a process not an event.
  2. Relationships,Health and Choice
  3. Using the market for wealth preservation
  4. The Law of Effection versus The Law of Attraction
  5. The Commandment of Need
  6. Define the Price of YOUR Freedom
  7. Fast lane versus Slow lane
  8. The Speed of Success
  9. Financial Literacy
  10. Money and the Price of Freedom

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What I will say is…

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