Book Review: Paper Towns by John Green

Life, Army Wife Style


Neighbors since they were two and friends until they were nine, Margo and Quintin have a special connection that will last the rest of their lives. One night, near the end of senior year, after not talking to each other for at least nine years, Margo knocks on Quintin’s window and asks him to help her complete eleven tasks throughout the night. All of these tasks, good and bad, are important to Margo and she needs Quintin, and his mom’s mini-van, to help her accomplish them. Throughout the night, between anxiety attacks, Quintin falls even more in love with his mysterious neighbor, Margo Roth Spiegelman.

The next day, after the adventure of a lifetime, Margo isn’t at school. Quintin assumes she skipped because they were out until 6 AM, but the next day passes, and the next, and still no Margo. With the help of his best friends, Radar and…

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