Book Review – Stealing the Preacher by Karen Witemeyer

Mixed Nutts

ImageI’m a terrible reader.  I’ve confessed this before and I’ll confess it again.  I am that reader your mothers warned you about. I read the end of the story of most books long before I should.  Usually, I wait until the characters have hooked me.  By the third or fourth chapter of a decent book (mysteries included!), I’ve turned to the end to discover how it all turns out.  Of course, I then go back and finish the story through.  I love to know the end and watch how the author brings his or her characters through. The better written the book, the longer it takes me to turn to the back, because I am enraptured by the story itself.  There are a few books that slip by me and I am at the end before I even realize it, so well-written is the story.

Karen Witemeyer‘s Stealing the…

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