Chapter Four: Part Six

Sara the Fallen

“What is his name?”

“Caden. He’s four.” The man with the pretty shirt smiles at me. I hide my face behind my blanket and peek at him.

“Very well. You can collect your money and then you may leave.” The man says and he takes me inside. He carries me to a room filled with nice smells. It’s big and I look around trying to see the whole thing.

The man sets me down on a chair at a table and puts food on a plate and puts it in front of me. I look at the man and he smiles at me. I pick up a spoon and I start to eat. The food is yummy. Potatoes and cheese and meat with gravy and peas in cream. The man sits down next to me.

“Caden,” the man says and I look up at him.

“This is your new home…

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