Coincidence? I am thinking, not.


I was reading a blog the other day…The River Walk… posted April 10. It struck a chord that had been being played while reading a Christian fiction book The King by Linda Rios Brook.the King

I had started reading The King and was enjoying the read, much mention of Noah, Moses and Joshua leading God’s people and being God’s kind of people. i.e. Not perfect, full of flaws and an unperfect past. It is always nice to be  reminded that God is not looking for perfect, He is looking for faithfulness, joy in belief, love of the trinity. Now I am only a few chapters in, due to busy schedules and illnesses, so I don’t know where the book is heading, but I do know that God seems to have a message for me and He seems to be sending it, once again through my readings. There is something that God wants…

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