Day 102 I got out of the way

My New Life

I have a very strong group of readers and I appreciate you greatly. After my last blog, when I mentioned, sex, God and divorce I have a lot more readers. I had no idea that it would cause such an uproar but I know what people want to hear about.

Today one of the most amazing moments happened to me . At 11:23 today I got to baptize my daughter. I was so ready and when I walked down the stairs to start the baptism I started crying. I couldn’t control myself. I realized today I finally got out-of-the-way!

What I mean is God has been trying to work in me for years. I just never got out-of-the-way. As I knelt by my daughter’s side about to baptize her the flood of yelling, name calling, slammed doors, nights of her sitting top of the stairs crying, me ignoring her requests…

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