Dead Again, Cooper-Posey Tracy


Imagine being stuck all alone on the ledge of a cliff with a shattered leg, minutes after surviving an airplane crash in the Rockies. Your life, your priorities and your survival instincts all flash into your mind. Will you fight or will you give up? Sophie is a fighter. It turns out she isn’t the only survivor. Jack, another passenger, stumbles out of the forest and hears her cries for help. He does everything he can to get her out alive. Five days they will be stranded, alone, cold and injured. It is enough for them to realize that they are soul mates. Then rescue comes and flies them back into real world. But Jack’s injuries are fatal, and he dies on the operating table – or, so Sophie was made to believe. 

Eight years later, having lived her life according to what Jack would have done, she bumps into…

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