Diary: Tiring Trip To Yogyakarta

Catatan Fani

What a tiring 15 hours road trip from Jakarta to Yogyakarta on Saturday?! But I’m happy that I did this trip because I could  escape from the hustle bustle of Jakarta for few days.

Anyway, this is my second road trip from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. I usually would prefer to take 8 hours of night executive train or an hour of flight, but this time I somehow want to take this long tiring trip. I don’t know why on earth I wanna do this.

Taking the south route from Jakarta to Cikampek – Cipularang – Bandung – Cileunyi – Rancaekek – Nagreg – Malangbong –  Ciawi – Ciamis – Banjar – Lumbir – Banyumas – Buntu – Sumpiuh – Kebumen – Kulonprogo – Purworejo – Wates – Yogyakarta.

Left Jakarta at 8 a.m, arrived in Yogyakarta at 11: 30 pm. Stopped in a couple of places for lunch and fuel…

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