Dr. Seuss’s SLEEP BOOK



Published 1962 by Random House



Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book takes us through many different lands meetings many different creatures as they go through the process of falling asleep. We start out in the County of Keck where there is a very small bug that goes by the name of Van Vleck and he is yawning so wide you can see down his neck.

The yawn catches and spreads through the land to some Biffer-Baum Birds that are building their nest to rest for the night. We also meet some Herk-Heimer Sisters that are brushing their teeth under the Herk-Heimer Falls. Then we meet even stranger creatures and learn the strange ways that they sleep.

The narrator informs us that they count sleepers using the Audio-Telly-o-Tally-o Count. It is a machine in a plexiglass dome that listens and looks into everyone’s home and lets a Biggel-Ball drop for each creature…

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