Exploring…and a mini competition!

Apparently a Writer

It occurred to me that I really haven’t a clue about what teen fiction currently looks like.

I know what it used to look like, in the late 90s and early 2000s when I was, indeed, a teen. But now? I know of The Hunger Games. I know of Twilight. And that’s it really.

For the record, I have seen The Hunger Games, but not read the books. I read the Twilight books and saw a couple of the movies. I am sure I will love The Hunger Games. I struggled with the Twilight series, for the often stated reasons, but admit that the books have their merits.

Anyway my point is that as a potential teen fiction author, what are my potential audience reading? I intend to explore the local bookshop soon, but yesterday made do with BigW, an Australian department store.

As expected, most of what I saw…

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