Finding faithful elders and deacons (book review)

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FINDING FAITHFUL ELDERS AND DEACONS Finding faithful elders and deacons
By Thabiti Anyabwile
Crossway. 173 pages. £6.99
ISBN 978 1 433 529 924

Many large troubles in denominations and individual churches find their origins in bad or inadequate leadership.

This book from the 9Marks stable is a manual based on Paul’s teaching to Titus and Timothy of what to look for in those we are considering for leadership.

Congregational government and that the only two offices in the New Testament local churches are those of elder and deacon are rightly assumed. The teaching is extremely practical. If you are thinking of appointing leaders, you must read this book. It gives you the questions to ask.

John Benton
Chertsey Street Baptist Church, Guildford


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