Friday Book Review: Spoonful by Benoit Marchon and Soledad Bravi

New Brunswick Public Library Kids

We don’t often review board books on our Friday Book Review – mostly because there isn’t usually a lot to say.  A good board book is extraordinarily simple: short words, clear pictures, few pages.  But one thing that can take a great board book and turn it into a book you hesitate to hand over to your baby or toddler is novelty factors; we’re talking flaps to be lifted, tabs to be pulled, and those dreaded little felt pieces on ribbons that stick to the pages with Velcro.  There’s no denying that kids love these kinds of extra features, but for parents and librarians they can be a nightmare when they end up ripped or broken after only a few readings.  This is why I was so pleased to see Spoonful! by Benoit Marchon and Soledad Bravi – it has all the best features of a great board book, with…

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