From Frazzled to Focused by Rivka Caroline

Student Of Opinions

I would love to meet Rivka in person, and give her a hearty hug. This book is great!

I have read many “get organized” books before. I’ve run the gamut from humorous to clinical approaches, and though each one said it couldn’t be done, I may have put one or two under my pillow just trying to get it to soak in.

While all of those books were great, and I would be totally onboard my “new and improved” life for a week, inevitably, I would fall off that well-oiled and tidy wagon. Their approach just didn’t have the sustainability factor that matched up with how my life runs. Create the perfect routine and execute the same perfect checklist everyday? I’m not wired that way. If I think about everything at once, and try to get it all done to standard, I get overwhelmed, and nothing gets accomplished. While I have loved what these other organizational…

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