Heide Hatry’s Not a Rose: Disgust and The Cult of the Flower

Art After Anthropocene

I went to the MoMA PS1 on Sunday to catch the book release of artist Heide Hatry’s Not a Rose, a volume of essays on our relationship with animals by a merry bunch of philosophers, poets, and intellectuals, accompanied by photographs of Heide Hatry’s “flowers.” I put that in quotes because she uses animal offal and sex organs to form the sculptures, which, after looking at for a while, is pretty horrific. As most of the speakers noted, the fabrication of something that almost always connotes beauty out of something that almost always evokes disgust creates an interesting union and confusion of what we consider pretty and ugly.


As an art piece, however, it’s more a point of interest than a particularly well-executed work of sculpture or photography. It’s conceptual art; it is not the content, but rather the materials that Hatry uses that we react to and what…

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