Here’s the truth…

Amanda A. Allen

Varney the Vampyre is crazy pants.  The book I mean, but honestly  the Vampyre admitted he was a Vampyre so….he’s maybe not the best example ever.  I’m pretty sure secrecy is a good plan for those creatures of the night.



Now, there are pieces of this book that I absolutely love.  For example, the opening scene where beautiful girl is sleeping in the safety of her home.  When what’s that?  Long creepy nails scratching at her window, but no!  She sleeps through.  Sleeps through and wakes (too late!) to find a vampire crawling in her window.  No, no, no, but she can’t scream!  With breasts heaving, terror freezes her until she finally finds the strength to run only….to be grabbed by her hair, dragged across the bed and becomes the main course of the midnight feast of blood.

I mean.

1) that’s creepy as shi#  2)  it’s sooooo familiar.  Do…

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