How do you eat yours? Reviewing that is.

Author Mason Sabre

Do you forget what it’s like to be the writer when you are reviewing someone else’s book?

I was casually browsing Goodreads last night,  a little bit of my bad procrastination addiction. It’s been about five minutes since I last procrastinated. ..anyway…

I digress.


As I said, I was browsing the Goodreads site, and looking at reviews on some books I have out in the wider world, and came across quite a few five and four star reviews. Whilst I sat smiling, of course, and feeling great, my eyes roamed the page and there were the ones and twos. Naturally, at first, it’s a little bit of disbelief, I mean, who would rate my work like that? Then, I made the mistake of actually reading the review.

I think from now on, I will never look at my reviews again…not because they were so bad. I wasn’t traumatised, in fact…

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