How to tell someone to be quiet in a library

The Critical Guide

Despite having the latest in technology to do your work, you still can’t beat the library at times. However, there’s always a problem, there’s always someone who just had to bring their outside voice in. Don’t worry; there are ways to get some peace and quiet.

You’ll need
ID the source of the sound
Hand Signals
A meeting place

Audio books in any format
Items to write notes


Step 1
Make sure you’re not the cause of the noise. If you must bring portable electronics, make sure they are wither muted for items like laptops or vibrate like a cell phone. Bring headphones with you if you need to listen to the text you’re reading or a video relating to your work. If you’re in a group, let others know about this to reduce noise pollution. Make sure the volume is low enough not to…

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