INCEPTIO by Alison Morton

Elizabeth's Book Reviews

This is the first book set in the fictitious country of Roma Nova, located in a semi-mountainous region north of modern-day Italy. Although the story is set in the present, it has its roots in the fourth century AD, when all pagan religions were banned by the Emperor Theodosius.  A small group of pagans fled Rome and set up this Matriarchal colony which has propsered and strengthened over the centuries.  It is resource-rich, technologically advanced and fiercely protective of its independence.

The heroine of Inceptio is Karen Brown, a tough New Yorker who falls foul of the authorities of the EUS (Eastern United States) when she is falsely accused of assaulting the son of a powerful politician.  Then she discovers she is descended from one of the original twelve senatorial families of Roma Nova, a heiress to an industrial fortune and in great danger as she approaches the date when…

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