Joshua Tree in bloom, a jacked-up weekend, and the first 2 poems in 15 years

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You all head to bed, bed-headed, head-boarded up

in dreams. I’m heady and bored. It seems

like I’m stuck in an eddy, a gorge. I look up, I lean,

I squint. The clouds are grey, like lint.

Argumentum Arrogantia

The devil’s motives are ulterior. God in the mirror?

Then wipe it. You might see a little clearer, back-lit.

Whiteout, because these clouds and fog will be here

so follow the leader, higher powers nailed to cedar,

or atop a rock like Peter, lobbing pebbles and taunting cops

to see what shot they got.

poems by Jim Aldrich

It’s been a weekend for the books. I’ve surprised myself in more than one way. A gut-wrenching argument with an old and dear friend, that I reacted to a little better than I thought I would. Also an act of cruelty by me and boundaries crossed. You can read both accounts.


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