Kimi’s Fear by John Hudspith: Book Review

Put it in Writing

Kimi’s Fear by John Hudspith

(YA fiction)

Kimis Fear cover

A novel of dislocation between parallel worlds and between childhood and adulthood

A second book is vulnerable to all the pitfalls of a ‘second’ anything – especially if the debut novel that it follows was exemplary. There’s the weight of expectation, the pressure not to betray the existing readership’s trust, the challenge to overcome the possibility of being a one hit wonder.

And, if anything, the pressure is even greater if the second book is a sequel  -and is planned to be one of an extended series – as is the case with ‘Kimi’s Fear.’

However, Hudspith and his readers can relax. This new book delivers. It more than meets expectations. It keeps faith with the readers of the first book, ‘Kimi’s Secret’and proves that the author is certainly no one hit wonder.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say…

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