Life’s Changes and New Beginnings


As my 30โ€™s are drawing to a close (I turn 40 in November), I have already begun to pave a new path for my 40โ€™s and the next chapter in my life. What might that be you might ask? Well let me share it with you.

After 6 years of being with my love, WE have taken the leap and have moved in together! 6 Years!?!? You gasp! YES 6 wonderful years! And yes even though this is a very big change for the both of us I think we are both excited for this new adventure in our lives. Just a little back story on why it took us both so long to decide to do this.

Essentially, Lance and I are both very private men. We enjoy our privacy, we enjoy the peace that comes along with it. It calms us both in times of stress. We wereโ€ฆ

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