Lore: The Spectrum of Worlds

The Books of the World Spectrum

Welcome to the first installment of another ongoing series on this blog. In my lore posts, I will provide a primer on the universe of the World Spectrum novels — its history, its nations, its technologies, and more. I will start big and work my way down to relatively small things, like the nations and cities.

We’ll start with the universe itself, the actual spectrum of worlds.

The world spectrum:

The spectrum of worlds, often shortened to “world spectrum” or simply “the spectrum,” is a vast multiverse of different worlds, each separated by their energy level.

A world’s energy level affects nearly every aspect of reality: temperature, the amount of life a world can support, the weather, the power of magic, and even the speed at which events seem to take place.

Traveling to another world within the spectrum seems to change the flow of time itself. Only careful measurements…

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