Losing My Mind Over Lilah


I am back once again, and I’ve just finished Lilah which I am not overly excited to review, as I am in nears tears. The beginning
dragged on and on, and I really wish it wasn’t so slow. However, now I wish I could have stayed in the beginning forever. I’m glad I’m not Jewish, because I’d probably quit right now. This entire story, heck, the entire trilogy has made me question so many of my beliefs that I feel shaken to the core. These incredible works of Marek Halter have moved me more than all my years of church. The bible was written by men, so I never understood the bias of it. Now all I want to do is smack every crazy bible thumper out there because life is too short to hate other people, no matter how different.

Music for this time is simple:
Runaway Baby by…

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