Losing My Voice

Stone of Destiny

This always happens when I’ve been sick.

First, there are several days when I feel truly wretched and I don’t want to move.  Then follow a few weeks wherein I am functional, but grow easily tired and am plagued by annoying reminders that I am still not altogether well: hacking cough, draining sinuses, headaches…, you know the deal.

Finally, there comes the point when I finally feel healthy, but my voice simply decides to vacate the building.  Any normal attempt to speak will generate something akin to a hoarse whisper.  Should I attempt to raise my voice, the best I’m likely to come away with is an embarrassing squeak.

The treatment is exactly what you would expect, I’m supposed to rest my voice and drink plenty of liquids.  Warm decaf tea is the best choice, but plenty of cool water is called for as well.  Things to avoid: drinking alcohol…

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