Lunch at Café Mila

Keithpp's Blog

Excellent lunch at Café Mila, but then I would be surprised at anything less. Very busy when I arrived, then quietened down a little.

Excellent roast tomato soup served with very delicious bread and butter to spread on the bread.

Followed by stuffed mushrooms (I only had one) served with a little greenery.

Followed by their delicious carrot cake and a tea.

Café Mila have books to browse and books to take away. The books to take away you are encouraged to pass on, then write about on their facebook page.

It is never a good idea to encourage people to go to facebook, and they would have to join. Plus, the books would be lost after a few days.

A far better idea is to set up a wordpress blog, Books at Café Mila, or a Café Mila blog, with various categories, food, recipes, events, one of…

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