Machine Learning For Hackers: Using MSFT technologies

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So I picked up Machine Learning for Hackers and started going though the 1st couple of chapters last night.  I love the premise that developers can learn something about machine learning using some easily-understood examples.  Why I didn’t love was that it used R.  After reading the 1st chapter, I said to myself, “self, everything they do in this chapter you can do in MSFT office.”  Now I get that this is supposed to be a simple example to get the reader up and running with R, but I thought, “Hey, I wonder how much of this book can I do using the MSFT stack?”

Chapter 1 was all about cleaning up data to get it ready for analysis.  This brought me back to my 1st job out of school (marketing analyst) when I spent more time collecting and cleaning the data than actually analyzing the data.

My 1st stop…

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