Man in the Empty Suit, by Sean Ferrell

Alison McCarty

Man in the Empty SuitIf I could only have one word to describe this novel, it would be this: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

Fortunately? Unfortunately? One of those is the adverb for the fact that I have many more words about this book, most of which will probably be me talking myself through what this book even was.

Let’s start here: I made Scott pick a book for me to read off of my over-stuffed library books shelf, and he picked this one because, really, awesome cover. I started it immediately because, also, awesome jacket copy. To wit: “Sure, the party is the same year after year, but at least it’s one party where he can really, well, be himself.” Teehee! I remembered checking this book out because of previous weirdly awesome books like The Rook and The Man from Primrose Lane, and I was excited.

The story started off awesomely, with a list of rules…

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