Meet the Character: Camellia “Cam” Rose

Dream Creatively

Hey everyone! Today I am going to interview the main character of my book. I am going to ask a few questions, and she is going to answer them. Then, if you want to, you can ask her some questions by commenting below! This was inspired by Briana (, who was inspired by Francesca (

Check out both of their sites! Their writing sounds pretty exciting!

Me: Hello everyone! Today I am interviewing Camellia Rose, the main character of the book The Tales of Camellia. Thank you for joining us Camellia, or can I call you Cam?

Camellia: Cam is fine. And no problem! Thank you for having me, it is an honor.

Me: It is a pleasure having you here! Now, I understand you are a little shy, but what was it like to be outside the village for the first time?

Camellia: It was really difficult. I have…

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