Memories from another time

The World of Rosie


The last few days I feel as though I’ve slipped back through time. I live here in this same place but it’s the past all of a sudden. I guess this is what happens when you sift through twenty years of things hidden away in drawers or tucked under the bed in preparation for moving house.

Everyone has wounds that are better left unvisited; times of their life that they would rather leave in the past. I do. But, as I sift through old letters and diary entries I find myself morphing into a young girl again. An anxious young girl. It’s not a sharp feeling the way it once was but it’s dull, like remembering pain after it has faded.

This feeling followed me as I wandered through the streets of Hobart today. Even the crisp Autumn air took me back to those early mornings where I would face…

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