“Much better, thanks”

Pretentious Nonsense Spewing Forth From My Gob

2:52 a.m. Monday morning.  For the first time in about a week my head isn’t in either a fog or on a Mucinex-D high, or both at once.  I’m coming off a slam-bang headcold that mentally shut me down really good.  Can’t complain, it was karma, or divine retribution, or serves-ya-right, call it whatever you want–I caught it from my wife.  Only fair, seeing I gave her the cold that gave her the bronchitis that won’t let go back in January.  If things were perfectly just I’d be typing this from inside an iron lung.  No, she’s not in an iron lung.  But some days she feels like it.

Anyway, just when this blog was getting on a roll, I find myself out of practice.  Can you indulge me a ramble to get back into shape?  Thanks.

Let’s cheat a little and update you on my grandson.

ImageStylin’, little man…

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