N is for No Boundaries


As I’ve mentioned before, my tastes tend to run toward the dark and demented. Be it books, movies, music or art, the stranger and darker it is, the more I like it. The two novellas I’m revising are not full on horror, but they both have some twisted elements to them. The novel I’m writing now (9,000 words in!) is my first attempt at full scale horror. But a while back I had an idea for another book.

I told my wife what I’d thought of, and she said, “that’s a neat idea.” Great, validation. But this idea is different for me. It very may contain absolutely no dark elements to it whatsoever. It may actually be, dare I say, heartwarming. So, I wondered:

1) Can I write something that style, and write it well?

2) Will people give it a shot if all I’ve ever written is dark fiction?

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