This is one of the many nicknames I’ve carried with me since about age 8. Some of my freshman college roommates quickly shortened it to “Nance-pants.” Use either, or if you prefer, I also am trained to respond to “Nan,” a very unfortunate nickname bestowed upon me by my sixth grade math teacher. A little too senior citizen for my liking (rhymes with Gran, sounds like Nana, etc)…

Nicknames aside, the reason for my blog post is that I was trying to be clever (as usual) or even funny (not so usual, since I’m much more comfortable in the clever arena than the funny one) by playing off of the book I read this week, Tina Fey’s autobiography, “Bossypants.”

I’m not quite sure my summary of this book would do it justice, or that it’s even possible to summarize in a blog-worthily short paragraph a book that includes Fey’s take…

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