Nikki Walker- Finding You- When Love Called

Cassie's Book Cafe

paperbackfrontnew-finding-youAuthor Nikki Walker has once again delivered a book that is hard to put down. The scenes that were woven together beautifully like a worn patch work quilt. It took a little bit of each character to make the book special.  Nikki created an atmosphere that had her readers longing to be in the scene with the characters. I always say that the hallmark of an excellent author is that they can take a hated character ( Lisa) and ultimately redeem her and then have you sending her best wishes.  By the time the story was over I wanted Lisa to get her mind right.  Lisa worked hard to achieve everything she felt she needed to be ultimately o.k financially as well as emotionally. When she felt her safety net changing so to speak she panicked and she ran. …. .But that was only the beginning. How ironic was it…

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