Ode to Anne and the Birds

Literature VS Laundry

Bird by Bird Anne Lamott Book mark by Ilene FeyA young, fragile, complex, forest loving girl, the main character of my growing novel, started showing herself to me slowly, in snippets, in many repetitive flashes of the same parts of herself that have been coming more into focus over time. I’ve known this girl, but didn’t know her story. What was she really all about? In what was she rejoicing, from what demons was she desperately struggling to hide? A clip on a television program, playing in the background of my kitchen as I cooked a summer dinner, stopped me like Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, when he finally shut the hell up,  stopped yammering in vain on the phone, and finally looked at the t.v. and saw the image of Devils Tower. He knew. He had to go there. This was where he was being called to go. And without hesitation, he took…

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